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One Small Depletion of the Plains-Ogallala Aquifer

Found Document: Field Observation, October 21, 1957



Date 21 Oct [italics handwritten in red ink] 1957 Record by D.R. Mecca
Source of data Field Obs
1. Location: County Roosevelt Map [left blank]
SW ¼ SW ¼ NW ¼ Sec. 18 T. 2S R. 35E
2. Owner T.L. Lancaster
3. Driller [left blank]
4. Topography Flat Elev. [left blank]
5. Type DRiLLED 19 [left blank] Use IRR
6. Log [left blank] Filed [left blank]
7. Depth. [left blank] Report: 104 ft. Meas. Ft. [left blank]
8. Casing [left blank]
9. Equipment: Pump, type TuRBINE make COOK
ser. no. model 11331 size of dischg. 8 ins.
Power, kind ELEC make GE H.P. 80
10. Distribution System EARTH DiTcHES
11. Water Level: [left blank] ft. rept/meas [left blank] 19 [left blank] above/below [left blank] Which is [left blank]ft. [left blank] above/below
12. Discharge Measurement [left blank]
G.P.M. [left blank] Temp. [left blank] F. [left blank]
13. Remarks could not Replace access plug for measurement
Well No. 8 on Photograph RCA-7-44
File No. P-213 Location No. 2S-35E-18-133

[end of document]

Depleted Springs, Belcher, Roosevelt County, New Mexico

[“By 1907, the U.S. Land Office at Roswell had granted 200,000 acres (representing 20,000 entries) of public domain in the Pecos Valley, an area of approximately 4,200 square miles and more than three times the size of Rhode Island…. To avoid the appearance of sheer speculation, the real estate agents marketed to “the man who is in good faith looking for a home where, at a nominal or moderate cost, he may enjoy the comforts of life and maintain the independence of himself and family.” But when they arrived, all the puffery fell flat when they found only “prairie, no trees, no houses or anything as far as one could see; nothing but prairie, and soapweeds and mesquite.”]


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