Abliene, Texas: Ninety Years Flirting With the Klan

Abilene, 1921

“A crowd estimated at 10,000 people last night saw the first parade of Ku Klux Klan men in west Texas. Several hundred white robbed figures filed silently down long lanes of spectators. The town was plunged into complete darkness, relieved only by the rosy glare of the flaming cross and the flambeaux.”
Brownsville Herald, Nov. 25, 1921: 1

Abilene, 2012

On Monday residents in several neighborhoods reported finding KKK materials thrown on their driveways.

A Klan representative who declined to be identified confirmed that 1,000 fliers were distributed in neighborhoods throughout Abilene on Sunday night with ‘more to follow…’

The materials, which urge residents to ‘Save Our Land, Join the Klan,’ come from the United White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, apparently from Klan No. 78. The e-mail address on the materials appears to be from Abilene. The documents claim that the Klan is strongly opposed to ‘Nazis, White Nationalists and Skinhead movements…’

The pamphlets claim that the group is a ‘law abiding White Christian organization.’

‘The UWK (United White Knights) cautiously seek out God-fearing, moral men and women to continue our noble fight for survival of the White race,’ the pamphlet reads. ‘Make no mistake; we are not here for your entertainment or to advance thug gang tactics…”

Excerpted from: Celinda Emison, ReporterNews, Feb. 8, 2010



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