An Unlucky Spirit on Route 66

I found this note on Route 66 last week. It’s written on lined paper in schoolgirl-cursive and dates to 1954. It’s a ghost story of sorts.

It starts out: “It is very interesting to note how that folk stories can modernize themselves for instance the story of La Yornona [sic. La Llorona].”

The author goes on to explain the legend, where she lives, and describes an old wagon road that ran through her village.

Then the story starts.

“My story happened along this old wagon trail when a woman lost her life to a flash flood. The woman that lost her life was a young woman that had been married for only a year. She had a small infant which she lost in the flood. She lost her grip on the child, and while looking for the child, she also lost her life.

The sightings of this spirit are of a woman crying in a wedding gown looking for her child. It is said to be very unlucky for a child to see a spirit, or to have a child in the car with you when you see this spirit.”

The note ends.


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  1. Hi there. Thought you might be interested in this: . Cheers, JK.

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