BOA Stirs in the Volunteer State

Jumping onto the Broadway of America bandwagon, Clayton Hensley, a Tennessee-based Examiner writer has stitched together a tour of old US 70 in the Volunteer State.

Sparta, Crossville, Rockwood, Dandridge; Hensley dashes across Eastern Tennessee, sampling everything from waterfalls to a fire lookout tower built by the CCC.

Making a comparison to Route 66, he gets it right: the BOA started in 1927 as a fight against US 66, the so-called Main Street of America.

But on termini, he’s dead wrong.

It started in New York City and ended in San Diego. And no, it didn’t follow US 70 all the way. Making the cross-country trip, the BOA glided along eleven different US highways.

Tennessee is the only place along the BOA that still retains the marquee. That’s right kids; you can stop and take a picture of a humble street sign graced with the huge name, “Broadway of America.”



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